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Project Human

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What if we could change the world by changing a word?


Our species has a habit of dividing and subdividing ourselves into groups. We give these groups names – labels that become fundamental to one’s identity as a member of that group. These proper nouns are all denoted by capital letters, yet the elevated status conferred upon these labels does not apply to the one word that defines and includes us all.

Project Human is a grassroots campaign to capitalize the letter H in Human in order to promote the idea that being Human is part of our individual and global identity.


It's as simple as it sounds, but the power of this movement can stretch far beyond basic changes in grammatical rules. As we've seen in recent years, identity is the primary driver of how people think about themselves, act toward others, and how they vote.


Each time an individual capitalizes the H in Human, they are transforming their worldview and communicating this symbol of kinship to their community. Collectively, these actions are capable of influencing our local and global behavior. While capitalizing a single letter will not solve all of our planet’s problems, we can pursue peace, progress, and prosperity more effectively when we act together.








(proper noun)


(proper noun)

Let’s make the English language reflect the society we want to become.


Now is the time to recognize and reaffirm our common bonds. Words have power. We can mobilize this transformation by mobilizing our language. By changing how we write, we can change how we think, and by changing how we think, we can change how we interact. This isn’t about rebelling against the left or the right. This is about rebelling against tribalism and divisiveness.


This campaign does not need your donations, nor does it need much of your energy or time. Only two things are asked of you: do it and spread it. When you capitalize the letter H in Human, you are sending a message out to the world that you believe we are not just a collection of tribes, but that we are all part of one Human tribe and you are proud to be a member of it. We are greater than the sum of our parts.


This movement starts with you. This is Project Human.


Unity in the context of diversity

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Capitalize Human.
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Project Human Supporters

This project's mission is to build solidarity within our species and develop the recognition that we are each part of one global civilization. However, this movement is not about evolving past race consciousness and it is not about promoting a colorblind agenda. Project Human is not an attempt to diminish the other means of identification that define our past and present, nor is it an attempt to overlook or minimize the racial injustices that some Humans have unfortunately wrought upon other Humans throughout our history. 


Systemic racism and other forms of institutional discrimination and oppression continue to plague our society's ability to move forward together. Deconstructing racism is unquestionably a prerequisite for us to begin seeking progress toward this project's objective. We stand against racial injustice everywhere, all the time.


Capitalizing the B in Black and other recent reforms to elevate the grammatical status of racial identities are changes we both celebrate and practice. Recognizing our civilization's diversity and pursuing greater unity are intertwined and mutually inclusive.





The Humans behind the project:

Conor Duggan



Sonnet Moore

Creative Director


Chehade Boulos



Scotty Paton



If you’re interested in collaborating or partnering, please reach out to

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